The Foundling of Dayr Castle: The Making of a True Warrior

A Bright One Chronicles
Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 9:58 AM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Bruce Junek is an author, traveler, and teacher who has written his first fiction fantasy. The book is based off of the travels he has with wife, Tass Thacker, and chronologizes their journey’s as a couple framed with fantasy.

Junek says “When we first began traveling we never dreamed we would someday make our living from our travels. For many years we worked at different jobs, then quit each time we had enough money saved to travel. When we ran out of money we would go back to work.”

While growing up, Bruce loved to read adventure books. Some of his early favorites were Treasure Island, The Black Arrow, Robin Hood, and Swiss Family Robinson. Bruce also liked to read about inventors such as Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers.

Excerpt from book:

“A prophesied girl on a black stallion, a boy falconer and a Barbarian Prince share destinies with a deadly female warrior/mystic. But not happily ever after.

After the fall of the glorious matriarchal Ambri Empire an infant girl named Tyme mysteriously appears in the stables of a magnificent borderland castle, now part of a Barbarian Kingdom.

She learns to ride Spike, a notorious mountain ibex, is taught the sword by the castle champion, and spiritually mentored by a fearless old herb woman.

Tyme also befriends Jyg, a young boy falconer who climbs the broken remains of the highest castle tower to capture, raise and train a gyrfalcon chick.

And she meets Crown Prince Epohco, a kind and introspective friend who may become something more.

Meanwhile political factions search for the girl of prophecy heralding the return of the Ambri Empire, while others believe she is the Divine Daughter, whose rise to power will bring a new world order.

A coming of age low fantasy adventure series about friendship, belief, sacrifice, love, life and death. Captivating characters in a female predominate culture shaped by mysticism and spiritual awakenings”

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