Temperatures roar, HVAC business soars

Published: Jun. 15, 2021 at 6:23 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - As seasonal temperatures rise to what could be record breaking, people are being forced to turn on their AC’s earlier on in the year than normal to deal with the heat.

The HVACR Program Director at Western Dakota Tech, Michele Seaman, says that business is booming.

“Anytime that we have high temperatures or extreme temperatures, it stresses out the unit. So, if we’re going to start stressing the unit now in June instead of July or August. We’re going to see problems start happening earlier,” says Seaman.

The nation wide struggles of the lacking labor force don’t skip the HVAC industry.

“Right now, we kind of have the perfect trifecta going on, and unfortunately it’s not the good trifecta. We have a shortage of labor in the field,” says Seaman, “and that makes appointments hard to get right now.”

Plus, shipments are backed up for all kinds of things, and among them are parts necessary for HVAC repair.

“The stress of some extreme heat early in the system, that may cause things to break. Which means that if you do have equipment failure, you may be waiting anywhere from two weeks to six months to get that part,” says Seaman.

There’s a handful of ways to give your HVAC systems a helping hand, and among the most important, “the number on thing that the homeowner can do is change that filter,” says Seaman. “We recommend at least changing it monthly. You may even want to change it weekly.”

Sometimes it might seem like a good idea to kick off the AC and open up the windows. However, when it’s humid outside, opening up your window allows that humidity into the indoor air. Making your AC unit have to work much, much harder to get it back out.

“In Rapid City right now, all of the contractors are really busy. Call before you need the help. When you wait until everybody thinks about it. Then we get so jam packed and everyone works 24/7 during that crunch time,” says Seaman.

Thinking ahead is cool, because it can also make sure you stay cool too.

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