Let It Grow: Flowers from the garden into the home

Published: Jun. 7, 2021 at 9:38 AM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - In this episode, Cathie explains some simple tips on keeping flowers fresh from the garden and nice in your home.

Blake: Howdy Black Hills Nation. Thanks for joining us for another episode of Let It Grow. I’m joined by vegetation aficianado, Cathie Draine and today we’re talking about vased plants.

Cathie, flowers are beautiful and a lot of people want to bring them into the home by cutting htem and showing them off and making them a beautiful bouquet. You’ve got a couple of tips on making them last just a little longer.

Cathie: The first tip would be when you cut you want to have a container of water right here. Don’t mess around with stem length, cut them wherever, and that way the plants do their uptake of moisture in their stems and many stems are hollow. So you want to reduce the time between being part of the plant and being a part of the arrangementin the water

Blake: It’s all about the longevity

Cathie: It is! And some people have exotic recipes for keeping flowers fresh. And to be fair those sometimes work. Most of the gardners I know that enjoy plants in the garden that they cut and bring in say to change the water everyday. That costs you nothing and it’s an easy thing to do. Especially as some of the flowers will die back. Take the out, retrim them, and put them in fresh water.

Blake: Folks those are just a few tips on keeping your flowers nice and fresh. Cathie thanks a lot and by the way that’s beautful!

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