Rapid City Area School’s, no masks and 5 days a week for fall semester

Published: Apr. 28, 2021 at 5:34 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Rapid City Area School’s have an update for the upcoming fall semester.

Katy Urban, the School District’s Public Information Manager, has the word on the streets.

“We are not going to have a mask mandate. So, we’re still going to recommend that students and staff wear them. However, it won’t be required. Then, this year we had a four day week. We are going to move back to that five day week,” Urban says.

The four day week has had parents playing teacher on Fridays, like Jeremy Altman, a Student’s Dad.

“It’s not easy to try to accommodate them at home and be the teacher on Fridays.,” Altman says. “We’re glad that there will be an end to it. We appreciate what the teachers do on a daily basis even more now. We’ll be glad as parents when 5-days a week comes back.”

The shift is back in the direction of the tighter nit education students saw before the pandemic distanced them.

The things student have to look forward to are obvious to Urban.

“Having everyone back in the building, having fewer distanced learners. Knowing that there friends are going to be back. Being able to connect at recess because you’re not in groups,” Urban says.

These are things kids will soon experience again, like Altman’s son.

“Being an only child I think he missed meeting his friends at school,” says Altman.

The pandemic made learning more difficult, but there are silver linings.

Urban says, “there are a whole host of lessons that I think we’ve learned throughout this pandemic.”

Some changes will stick around that were picked up along the way.

“Every student will continue to have their own device,” according to Urban. “That’s not going away.”

Urban says the school is confident is seeing the plan through.

“As it stands, this is our plan. Of course, things could potentially change if we saw a massive explosion with cases again. However, we think that given the number of staff that we have vaccinated and even the number of students, especially at the high school level, that are vaccinated,” says Urban. “that’s really going to help us next year.”

Rapid City Area Schools are looking forward to less restrictions, and a more normal fall semester.

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