125th All-School Reunion scheduled for Lead-Deadwood High School

Published: Apr. 16, 2021 at 11:07 AM MDT
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LEAD, S.D. (KEVN) -School is back in session and with it so are the reunions.

After being shuttered by Covid the 125th Lead-Deadwood All-School Reunion has been reschedule. Suzanne (Palmer) Vaughn, Class of 73′ couldn’t be more excited for things to get underway.

Vaughn said “You know the one thing about an All-School Reunion is you never go to school with just your class. We had an All-School Reunion awhile back and I met some people who knew my dad and I was very excited about that. And so now I meet people who know my brother and my cousins, you know? It’s fun to see different generation.”

Vaughn encourages every alumni to attend because some people who signed up last year are not with us anymore.

Vaughn said “People you have know in younger life maybe you’ve known all your life. One of the sad things is we had some people sign up for last year and truly they passed away this year. They can’t come. They’re gone and missed it. So I don’t want to be morbid but it is really important to come and see the folks when you can and we can now. So let’s do it.”

The weekend is packed with fun activities for all ages to enjoy and participate. Along with entertainment there will be food, drinks, and prizes provided throughout the weekend.

Vaugh said “We have golf, art shows, tours of the mining museum. Music! Lots of music. We have bands that will play my generation’s music... band that will play younger generation’s music. And how about a parade! Who doesn’t love a parade?”

Many alumni will be attending but more are encouraged to sign-up.

Vaugh said “Maybe 800 folks have signed up and we’re looking for a 1,000 and it’d be great if we had more... again always better. More is better.”

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