Dahl Arts Center has LIVE performers

Published: Apr. 15, 2021 at 5:46 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The last year has altered the state of many job descriptions across the spectrum.

Among those heavily impacted, were performers.

Josh Miranda, The Dahl Venue Coordinator and Development Organizer, speaks to what this means for them.

“Really reaching out to the artistic side of the community,” says Miranda, “they’ve been kind of sheltered the last year with everything going on, and they want to show people the fruits of their labor.”

As safety protocols loosen, the doors are opening for artists to get back into their element.

Local venue, The Dahl Arts Center, opens up for the first time for live events since the pandemic started. Where people are eager to get out and about, so too are performers who are just as eager to get back on stage and into environments that they’re all too familiar with.

Debbie Minter, a Rapid City Actress, has missed what it feels like to be on stage.

“We feed off of the audience, we crave their reaction and it makes us better,” says Minter. “Whatever that reaction is, good or bad.”

Group gatherings, things that have been few and far between, are the bread and butter to the performing arts.

Do artists feel as though they’ve lost valuable time for their craft?

“Yes, definitely. I feel cheated,” says Minter. “Everybody does. Everybody’s been cheated out of things this year.”

It’s a two way street for performers who want showcase their talents and for audiences who want to enjoy a night out.

“Having a time to be able to bring everybody together and share some stories and have that relationship that we’ve all been missing, which is just friendship and companionship. I think it’s great,” says Miranda with a smile.

The venue is hoping to hold monthly concerts by the fall.

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