Let It Grow: Safety Tips

From cutting shears to preventative measures, Cathie Draine talks all things garden to get you ready this spring
Published: Apr. 9, 2021 at 8:59 AM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) -Spring has sprung and with it another season of Let It Grow. Long time gardener, Vegetation Aficionado, Cathie Draine, shows us how to get started.

Blake: Now before the Garden is actually needed to be prepared, you need to prepare the gardener. And Cathie we going to be pruning, But you say a couple of things that go into it first.

Cathie: Yes especially the gardeners’ hands. Which are really the primary tools. So you don’t want to hurt yourself. Most of what can be done at this time of the year is pruning if you are going for the big guys. You need the mother of all guys ratchet pruners. But you think I don’t want to spend that amount of money. I’ll just saw it off. That’s really not a good plan. And if you are pruning small branches on a little one, you can use a bypass pruner. And with these the blades go by each other so the slice. Roses don’t have thorns, trees have thorns, cactus has vines, Roses has prickles. And if you get prickled, my recommendation is a jar of Hydrogen Peroxide that you can pour on it and it will bubble as you walk to the house either screaming or not. The truth is you will get cut, you will get scratched and because the soil is filled with beneficial bacteria most of them some not so good like the fungus or fresh manure you never known, these are the tools you want to protect and you do it with gloves. If you are working with things that bite you, spend the money and get a pair of welding gloves.

Blake: Yeah, nice and thick.

Cathie: They can do alot of pruning with that or regular garden gloves. I use them, I wear them out regular. I wouldn’t use it at a job that had to do with some serious powerful activity.

Blake: Well there you go folks, know the job, know the tools to do the job. Join us next week for another episode of let it grow.

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