Exclusive art collection comes the Dahl Arts Center

Pat Roseland collects and displays art by local artist of the Black Hills for the last 30 years
Published: Mar. 12, 2021 at 10:40 AM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - When it comes to art we often focus on the medium, the artist, and content. However, one aspect to the art world that is highly overlooked is the purchaser of art; the art collector. Pat Roland has been collecting art for the last 30 years. 99.9% of all his artwork has been produced by local artist of the Black Hills.

Transcript of interview:

Introducing Pat Roseland, local art collector with an exhibition of this collection on display at the Dahl Arts Center…..

Q :How did you begin collecting art?

A: I bought my first piece of art in the early 90′s. I wasn’t thinking about collecting art, but I just kept buying art. Not really knowing what I had or why, it ended up in this collection I have today today. It builds on one another and grows and gets better over time.

Q: Is your entire collection of local artists?

A: 99.99% are black hills and rapid city area artists. The collection exhibition at the Dahl is 100% local artists. I consider the entirety my collection a history of a rapid city through art.

Q: Would you tell us about the collection you have on exhibition at the Dahl Arts Center in downtown Rapid City?

A: This collection is of the landscapes and cityscapes of homes and areas in Rapid City. It shows the changes overtime that the city has gone through: a viewer’s history of Rapid City through the eyes of the artist. To me, this exhibit showcases the artists who are the foundation of the arts in Rapid City. This exhibit is featuring some well known artists, as well as some artists’ paintings that time has forgotten and I want to bring them out into the light.

Q: We heard that this is a follow up of your first exhibition at the Dahl 2005?

A: Yes, at that point I had a fairly small collection of art, and I thought we should get a show up to showcase that art. Since then, my collection has grown, and today, I hope to get people’s interest up in local artists and art.

Q: Why is it important to support the local arts?

A: For me, by supporting the local artists, I got to know the artists personally. I got to know how and why they painted. I think there are two different scenarios when viewing art. There is the perspective of the artist (why and what they painted) as well as what the viewer sees. Supporting local art is allowing the perspective of these artists to be seen and enjoyed by more audiences.

Q: When and where can people come see the Pat Roseland Collection Exhibition:

A: The collection is on display at the Dahl Arts Center downtown Rapid City, available to see now through May 5th. The galleries are free, so be sure to stop by and enjoy the exhibit.

The exhibition last from February 5th to May 5th at the Dahl Arts Center.

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