Buzz with Bri: World’s many largest balls SHOULD be viral

Published: Mar. 5, 2021 at 9:54 AM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - What happens when children are pranked with mashed potatoes artfully disguised as ice cream?

It’s like a vanilla sundae with caramel swirls and a cherry on top. Except it’s a mashed potato sundae with gravy swirls and a cherry on top.

I cannot tell if this is pure evil or if it’s pure and fun. Would you be happy if you got a mashed potato cone if you were expecting a vanilla one? It’s all fun and games until you discover someone is allergic to mashed potatoes, right?

This guy is from Florida and has millions of followers as he sets up pranks with his friends.

Look at the first kid! He’s unsettled. He’s saying, yes this prank was cute, but actually give me a REAL vanilla cone. I love the girl at the end--it tastes like mashed potatoes, yes, yes it does.

Blake, we have to talk about one of my favorite things a while back we got chatting about the World’s Largest Balls. I so desperately want to visit as many as I can.

And this isn’t viral this week I don’t think it’s ever been viral. But it should be. Actually, an interesting tidbit: To my knowledge, all of the world’s largest balls are located in the United States.

So let’s talk about the world’s largest rubber band ball. It was created by a guy named Joel Waul in Florida.

It consists of more than 700,000 rubber bands weighing a total of more than 8,000 pounds. And it has a name- of course, he named it--It’s called Megaton.

This is the world’s largest ball of hair--I hate this one. A barber began collecting hair over the course of more than 50 years. The hairball resides in Missouri. It weighs 167 lbs and is 4 ft high.

Now, I’ve felt strongly about these national landmarks for over a decade--here’s one of my favorites. The largest ball of Twine in Minnesota.

There are many balls of twine, in Missouri, Wisconsin, Kansas or Minnesota. The ACTUAL biggest one is in Crawker, KS. But we’re looking at the one in Darwin, MN. It’s the most ball-like of the bunch.

Its claim to fame is that ONE MAN, one HUMBLE MINNESOTAN wound this ball into existence--no help from anyone else.

I’ve actually visited this ball! It was wonderful. I got a T-shirt from the gift store. It was a little disappointing because I wanted to touch the ball of twine--but it’s locked away in a weather-proof gazebo.

OK, but this is on my bucket list. If I ever go back to Indiana--this is where I’m going. The one the only world’s largest ball of paint.

The story of the world’s largest ball of paint begins in 1977 with a guy named Michael Carmichael Why did his parents do that?

So Michael Carmichael is staring at a baseball, and he thinks to himself, ‘I think I’ll paint this baseball.’ And then he kept painting the baseball for thirty years so that it now has tens of thousands of coats. I think he’s painted over 27,000 layers.

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