Parents speak out about RCAS decison to cancel prom

Students and parents are hoping the RCAS board reconsiders their decision
Published: Feb. 18, 2021 at 6:00 PM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - For a second year, Rapid City high schoolers won’t get to attend prom thanks to the coronavirus, according to an email to RCAS parents on Wednesday night.

Katy Urban, RCAS spokesperson said that holding a large-scale event with 1,200-1,500 people would be difficult. She said that this “unpopular” call is in line with other large schools in South Dakota.

“I promise you--no one takes any joy in canceling this rite of passage for students.,” Urban said. “Ultimately the district’s number one responsibility is to ensure that students complete this school year successfully.”

Parents of students told Black Hills Fox News they’re upset because the district is giving up too soon and also made the decision without any parent input. They feel other schools have “figured it out” but RCAS hasn’t been able to keep the other activities going for their children.

“As parents, we are very disappointed with the RCAS regarding a decision on prom..have there been school board meetings to discuss this?” an RCAS parent said in an email. “To our knowledge, there has been no effort that we know of to reach out to parents and our students for any kind of family input creative brainstorming, or possible options or ways to make prom a possibility, there have been prom planning meetings communicated in our school bulletins and we know that students have been attending those and planning for prom with their advisors. Kids have been excited, dresses have been purchased, tuxes have been rented.”

This parent argued that active covid cases in Pennington County are on the decline. And with Rapid City holding large events like the Black Hills Stock Show, which hosted thousands, prom should be held.

“There are just a handful of cases at our schools, people are getting vaccinated every day and we still have two months until prom. When is it gonna ever be safe enough for our kids to go back to some normalcy? When is it gonna be safe enough for us to do the right things for our kids?”

They say they’re more than willing to meet with the school board and collaboratively come up with a way to hold prom for RCAS high schoolers.

“Prom is a big deal and for most kids a once-in-a-lifetime memory,” they wrote.

No other area school districts have not made any announcements about canceling prom.

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