Buzz with Bri: Gift-givers win Christmas with creative, funny presents

Published: Jan. 8, 2021 at 10:13 AM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - New year, it’s good to be here in 2021.

I went home for Christmas and as we were saying yesterday, Christmas is still on. So here are some of my favorite gifts given over the holidays.

Mackenzie McClure is a good sister and makes her brother a pumpkin pie, except this isn’t quite that. Rather, it’s Totstinos bean dip.

Her brother had COVID-19, so he lost his taste and smell. This was the ultimate test to see if his senses were truly gone.

She didn’t stop there. The trendy food thing has been hot chocolate bombs. Makenzie, again appearing to do something kind for someone else, puts BEANS into the hot chocolate bomb… not the wonderful, sugary goodness that should be there.

Next, for years a family portrait has irritated Kyle Scheele’s father because, for some reason, the photographer posed his dad to tilt his head, making him stand out.

Kyle decides to give his dad the best gift ever, a fixed family portrait with everyone’s heads straight up for Christmas.

He takes it a step further and photoshops everyone else’s heads to be slightly tilted.

See how his dad reacts to seeing the fixed family portrait he’s hated for years.

Last, A true friend decided to surprise her Secret Santa recipient with something extra special (and creative) for the holidays.

As a Secret Santa, Kelley definitely didn’t disappoint her friend Cat. In a now-viral TikTok video, Cat tells about how her friend spent months setting her up on blind Hinge dates to bring her the “12 Days of Catmas.”

She got 12, 10-minute Facetime dates and narrowed it down.

It’s kind of like the Bachelorette as she’s made videos so TikTok can follow along with dating adventures.

If Thoma happens to find her happily ever after from all of this, Hallmark better gives us the movie version in time for Christmas 2021.

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