Local jewelers fasten passions into love

Black Hills Backstory: Shankar
Published: Dec. 16, 2020 at 10:22 AM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) -It’s a love story in the Black Hills. A menage a trois responsible for the business known as Shankar in Deadwood.

Ohayon says “When I came to the Black Hills I fell in love with both the Black Hills, my husband, and the business.”

An area can be reflected in so many ways; its food, its culture, its music. And for Georgette Ohayon, it was the jewelry and what the Black Hills bared naturally that fueled this love story.

Ohayon said ‘We grew to love the stones from the Black Hills. We love the teepee canyon agates and we love the Fairburn agates. And Phil did quite a bit of work with those stones.”

Phil Breland shares not only the business but his life and says without his wife, Ohayon, the business would have never thrived.

Breland said “I thought I knew the jewelry side of it but I really didn’t know the customer side of it. Georgette was an absolute blessing in that regard. She really made me understand what it is to give a customer exactly what they wanted, bring them back time and time again, and to establish friendships with the customers.”

Breland has been working with rare jewels for most of his life. Having sourced most of the stones that come through Shankar, he is humbled with the vocation.

Breland said “Many mistakes are made by all. Many wonderful goals are accomplished. To have those related to you is an absolute blessing.”

This wife-husband duo believes one key part of their business will never change.

Ohayon said “I think success in any business is to take care of your customers. No matter what their needs are and no matter what their demands are.”

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