Buzz With Bri: Can you guess what this Hallmark movie is about?

Published: Dec. 11, 2020 at 1:44 PM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Blake, it’s the holiday season. Which means lots of red, Yuletide merriment and movies.

The only Christmas movies people really watch during this time are The Hallmark Christmas movies.

Now we won’t get into whether you think this is a tasteless tradition or the reason for the season. We can, however, comment on its repetition.

TikToker Nicky Doobs perfectly shows the cliches.

From drinking coffee, leaving a room or enjoying the snow. Take a look, no sound and you’ll know it’s Hall-mush.

Again, not commenting if they truly encompass the spirit of the season. But there’s a format they’ve created, a formula for the movies Hallmark is churning out.

It’s so predictable! Nicky takes it further.

She started a series where she guesses the plot of the Christmas Hallmark movie by only using the movie poster.

I don’t actually know if she’s right, but it sounds right. The campy movies, all have the same flow. So a misunderstood girl, grappling with hardship during the holidays plus a tall drink of the water of a man swooping in, most definitely is the plot of any movie.

So, Blake, I have a game for you.

I’m going to read you summaries of Christmas Hallmark films. You need to guess which movie matches the summary based on the movie posters. You’ll get three options for each. Sounds easy, right?

OK, lego.

ONE, Newly single and unemployed, Elise finds herself running her family’s Christmas tree lot. Unfortunately, the lot has a new landlord who has zero Christmas spirit, and who threatens to shut them down. With the help of a handsome customer, Darren, Elise tries to save her family’s business.

TWO, A former hotel maid becomes a governess for a young girl, only to find that the girl is actually a princess...with a very handsome father.

THREE, Jessica is in charge of finding a Santa for her town’s Christmas parade, but her only option is a stubborn Uber driver who lives 200 miles away. She hires him for a trip home in hopes of convincing him to take the Santa gig

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