Panic buying during the pandemic

An employee is stocking the shelves.
An employee is stocking the shelves.(KEVN)
Published: Nov. 19, 2020 at 4:40 PM MST
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STURGIS, S.D. (KEVN) - It was like nothing he’d seen before; that’s what the owner of the Grocery Mart remembers about the beginning of the pandemic.

“It was just mass chaos and panic buying. We essentially sold all of our inventory in a week, you know. And it was crazy it took us months to get the store back full,” says the owner of the Grocery Mart, Ryan Meyer.

Meyer says he saw the panic buying start to calm down in May, and into the fall, it leveled off, but now it’s picking back up.

“It’s not as near as bad as it was in March. But yes, we’re seeing more stocking up if you will going on. And like I said, we’re seeing like toilet paper again and seeing some stocking up on some of those kind of things like cleaning items,” says Meyer.

And since the pandemic started, Meyer says his mindset is to be ahead of the game.

“I’ve been constantly filling the store up. I’ve kept in the back of mind that we were going to have another outbreak and another round of panic buying. So I’ve been able to keep my store pretty full, and it’s taken me all summer long really to get it filled up to where I want it to be,” says Meyer.

His best advice.

“There’s plenty of food out there. You may not get the variety or flavor you’re looking for every time. But there is no need to panic and stock up. The food supply is well stocked,” says Meyer.

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