Buzz with Bri: Fitted sheet tutorials help, name the sandwich

Published: Nov. 6, 2020 at 10:43 AM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Remember the other week when we were folding a fitted sheet?

None of us knew how to do it. Blake taught the entire Good Morning Black Hills crew how to do it and we were stunned. It led me to look up some videos on how to do it.

Look at him working on it and boom the surprise ending.

Now here’s how you actually do it. First, you put your legs in two corners, then lay down and put your arms into the other corners, roll to one side, ease your way out, and BOOM! You’re done!

I think I’ll have to try it like this. Because I usually am just rolling it up and a ball and calling it a day.

OK, Next we gotta talk about the great debate of the week.

Blake, what is this called? This type of Sandwich goes by many names. Sloppy joes, BBQs, loose meat sandwiches and YES, taverns.

Accounts for all of these names depend on the region you grew up in.

I’m from the northeast corner of the state and we called them BBQs and Sloppy Joes. But some people call them TAVERNS. The nerve. The shock. What? Why?

I don’t know why? I’ve met a few rare creatures who’ve called this mix off beef with tomato sauce placed between a bun. This is a diagram of how this falls geographically.

What do you call the sandwich? Let Blake and Bri know.

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