Rockerville Volunteer Fire Department gears up for the winter weather

Published: Oct. 20, 2020 at 4:51 PM MDT
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ROCKERVILLE, S.D. (KEVN) - As people throughout the Black Hills gear up for the winter weather, so do area fire departments.

The fire chief for the Rockerville Volunteer Fire Department, Gail Schmidt, says as an agency, they’re monitoring the conditions for winter weather.

Since most of their trucks carry water, which doesn’t mix well with freezing temperatures, Schmidt says they make sure to flush their engines and pumps to make sure they get the water out of the engines and lines so they don’t freeze up.

The department also has chains for some of the trucks, which help them get through the snow and ice a little better, but those are put on in certain conditions.

“Being prepared is obviously 100% of what we do. We need to be prepared for any sort of incident that may pop at any time of the year. And whether that’s winter operations or that’s a fire in the middle of the winter, it doesn’t matter. So being prepared and being ready for whatever conditions may hit, it’s apart of life for the volunteer fire system,” says Schmidt.

Like the fire department, it’s a good idea for the public to be prepared for the cold and snow.

Some things people can do is make sure they have warm clothing, extra food, and water.

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