Local vet clinic sees an increase in visits

Dr. Mary Buhman is making sure this pup is healthy.
Dr. Mary Buhman is making sure this pup is healthy.(KEVN)
Published: Sep. 26, 2020 at 4:25 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The pandemic has impacted businesses in different ways.

Some have been hit hard, while others have actually benefited.

Now, some may wonder how vet offices are doing.

Owner and veterinarian at Meiners Animal Clinic, Mary Buhman says overall she thinks in all parts of the country, there has been an increase in veterinary visits during this time, something she’s also seen at her clinic.

As to why visits are up, Buhman says she believes people are staying at home more, allowing owners to observe their pets more, and some people are seeing this as the perfect time to get a new pet.

“We’ve been busy as well as other clinics in town, but we can usually get an appointment that day. Surgeries are being booked out a couple weeks because people are now taking that time to have their pet’s teeth clean or having that lump removed. Or with all the new puppies and kitties, the spays and neutered, so surgeries are getting booked out a little bit further,” says Buhman.

Buhman says boarding has been very slow, and daycare was slow for a while, but it has picked up now that people are back to work.

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