Spearfish woman inducted into Hall of Honor

Published: Sep. 23, 2020 at 8:31 AM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) -It’s the age, old adage of never say never.

“After riding a school bus for thirteen years of my life I said boy am I glad that I’ll never have to do anything with bussing ever again.”

Barb Cline is a native of spearfish. She grew up on a ranch west of town near the Wyoming border. And after spending her childhood taking the bus to school she never thought she’d make a career out of it.

Starting with one van.

Cline said, "We started in 1989 so it was kind of an uncommon thing. One thing I noticed when I was delivering meals was people would love to come in and have a meal with their peers but they had no way of getting there. And I didn’t have a vehicle to provide the service so I went to my old boss Blayne Pummel and I asked if he could give me that old, green van, in the back parking lot so I can begin providing transportation to people in Spearfish.

She ended up with a transportation fleet.

Cline said, “But we found that as soon as people in other communities began to hear about transportation in Spearfish that they wanted to have transportation in their communities.”

But she didn’t stop there. A new 40,000 sq ft building required a special space.

Cline said, “when we began putting the plans together for this building. I said we would like to put in a child care center. They said no you can’t and I said well I’m pretty sure I can. We are the only transportation center in South Dakota that has a child care center in it.”

With an armada of 45 passenger vans, Cline is insistent that it takes a team effort to be successful.

Cline said, "This wall is what we call the hall of fame. How many of our staff have been award winners in the past few years. We like to let people know that we’ve done good work. And again it’s that team that works with Prarie Hills transit that makes us eligible for these awards. These are the things that come totally out of the blue like the hall of honor award.

Barb Cline will be inducted into the South Dakota Transportation Hall of Honor later in October. Until then, she says their more work to be done.

“I’ve always used the slogan the little engine that could. If you want anything bad enough you need to stand up for what it provides. You need to be able to keep going until you get what you have hoped to achieve. And we’re still on that little engine. We’ve still got a lot to achieve,” Cline said.

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