Selfies serve as accountability tool for Uber’s mask policy

Uber rolls out a new safety feature.
Published: Sep. 3, 2020 at 5:04 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - National retailers aren’t the only ones requiring masks, so are ride-sharing services. And now, Uber is rolling out a new safety feature.

If passengers don’t wear a mask when they take an Uber, the driver can report it, and the next time that passenger tries to get a ride, the app will ask them for a picture of themselves with a mask.

The new feature comes with mixed opinions not only from passengers but from drivers.

“If it’s going to be made a requirement for the passengers and the drivers to wear the mask, then the drivers being able to report the passengers is an important thing. The passengers can hold the driver accountable if we’re not, so it should be a fair trade-off, in my opinion,” says a local Uber driver, Jason McNutt.

While another driver feels getting riders to their destination safely is key.

“A lot of the rides that I have are overnight rides. It’s a lot of bar pickups still. And so with that, people don’t often take a mask with them when they’re going out places like that. Anticipating that when they do need that safe ride home, they will be required to wear one,” says a local Uber driver, Laurie Schlecht.

And some passengers have mixed feelings.

“I think it’s important to protect Uber drivers. You know they’re probably high risk. But it’s also confusing for passengers requesting Uber because the city doesn’t mandate it (mask) everywhere,” says an Uber passenger, Alyssa Emme.

Since May, Uber drivers have been taking pictures of themselves wearing masks in order to start their shift.

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