Some rally goers wanted a permanent souvenir

For some Sturgis rally-goers, a T-shirt isn't enough.
Published: Aug. 16, 2020 at 5:23 PM MDT
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STURGIS, S.D. (KEVN) - Anyone can pick up a Sturgis T-Shirt, but what if you want a more permanent souvenir?

This is the Tattoo Cellar's 23rd rally and the five artists who were here this year did hundreds of tattoos by the end of the event.

"Not all artists can handle this kind of work, it's real busy, it's fun. You get like hung into this, you get used to this type of work," said Glen West, guest tattoo artist from California. "We work from nine, 10 in the morning to midnight, two in the morning, every day for like two weeks straight. We meet all kinds of different people, you know, that want all kinds of different crazy things."

19 years, that's how long West has been coming to the Rally. And he says customers want anything and everything.

"I've spent over 9 months of my life here, adding it up, and its, I don't know, it's a good thing. People who ride here and come here, they want to have something that, a memory for this event and they just want to get something that symbolizes, hey we went to Sturgis, we rode to Sturgis, we were here," said West.

For some Sturgis rally-goers, a T-shirt isn't enough.

“My friend Kelly and I do it every year,” said Nicole Fordyce from Missouri. “We get a different tattoo every year, so every time we come. I’ve been to the rally four times, and I’ve gotten three tattoos here. I found it and I really like it, and I’ve always wanted one right there, so it worked out perfect.”

"This is the first time I've been to the rally and so I was excited to have my second tattoo, and so a friend of mine recommended the Cellar to have it done and so I decided to have it done and I'm glad I did," said Cindy McGuire from Kansas.

West said his favorite part of the rally is getting to meet people and make friends and create something they will love.

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