Family travels to the Rally in style

Published: Aug. 15, 2020 at 5:44 PM MDT
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Some motorcyclists on the road wear helmets, and those usually that cover up their hair. But one helmet has a way to show off a hairstyle that stands out from the crowd: two pink pigtails sticking out, matching a set of floral designs.

The biker that wears this helmet is a grandma from California, and she said she had received some compliments.

Because it was a long trip from California, the female biker’s daughter drives a well-decorated car that says “Sturgis or Bust.”

”So we just painted Sturgis or Bust (on car windows),” Danielle from California says. “My mom and dad are on their Harleys, and we came from California for the motorcycle rally. I ride a motorcycle too, and I’m taking turns with my mom on hers so she can take a break and be in the car.” Danielle says her young son also enjoys riding on the bike with her.

Danielle also wrote a poem about wearing masks and painted the words on the car windows, along with big “Sturgis 2020″ written on the side windows, to show their determination to come to the Rally.

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