HealthWatch: Importance of a ‘medical home’

Published: Aug. 13, 2020 at 6:36 PM MDT
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You may have a regular hair stylist or a regular mechanic, but how about a regular doctor? Just why is that so important? Dr. Cara Hamilton from Black Hills Pediatrics talks about the importance of a “medical home” in this week’s HealthWatch.

Dr. Hamilton says, “Having a medical home for yourself and for your child is very important. Medical home is where your primary care provider resides, where they work And for kids, that’s often a pediatrician or a family medical doctor. For an adult, that can be a family medicine doctor, general practitioner, internal medicine provider who can care for your whole well-being. This is very important because a primary care provider, a medical home can make sure you have your wellness needs are taken care of, your vaccines are up to date. Often they can provide urgent care and have same-day appointments where you can get in for a sore throat or a fractured wrist perhaps. Consulting physicians or referrals can be coordinated through your medical home and this can be really important as well. Even being seen there for urgent care needs is important and collecting medical records there is important because if you went to one urgent care for fatigue and another urgent care for a rash and yet a third for joint pain, no one may pick up that you might have something more significant like lupus. It’s so important to be well known by a medical provider, especially if you have any complicated illnesses so that referral, that communication can be a lot stronger. Remember, if your child, or you don’t have a medical home, seek one out. It’s very important.”

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