Buzz with Bri: South Dakotan are above Sturgis Rally hype

Published: Aug. 7, 2020 at 10:53 AM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - In case you didn’t know, Sturgis is happening this weekend. 

We’re getting more national attention. On average, 250,000 could attend. That’s only half what’s usually expect during an anniversary year. I heard some of the big national reporters are coming out to cover it themselves. 

It seems pretty interesting.

Here’s midget bowling… 

And here’s the midget bowling enforcer being escorted down the aisle by a kangaroo…

And oh, apparently Weird Al performed at Buffalo Chip. No one told me. 

So we have all these unusual things going on in South Dakota, but this is just the same-old, same-old to us.

What really seems to get us interested is people like Justin Bieber stopping in Chamberlin while passing through. He didn’t even tag his location, come on.

And when Tony Hawk road through, this trended. For real, this is all we could talk about for a while. 

This was a TikTok everyone was talking about this week… the best places to visit in South Dakota… Wait for it. Boom. That’s definitely Falls park right? Dinosaur park? Maybe if you squint your eyes. 

This TikTok kind of how a tourist may feel when they decide to replan their canceled European getaway for a trip to the corn palace… looked different online.

Here’s my favorite thing though, speaking of the corn palace… the corn palace has tik tok. 

Check it out, Cornelius is working it. I feel like this is apart of a subgroup of people who are very into corn dance. There’ something for everyone I guess.

So In the end, while the rally hype seems real, we South Dakotans have a more refined taste. It’s about making contact with A-list celebrities, it’s about jokes and, not surprisingly, it’s about corn.

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