Brothel museum transports visitors to another era

Published: Aug. 1, 2020 at 6:40 PM MDT
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There’s a new attraction in Deadwood and it is not your ordinary tourist attraction, it’s a location that hosted a 100-year-old taboo in Deadwood. But on August 1, tourists can see what’s behind this closed door for the first time.

“Let’s now go to one of the first working rooms, it covers 1876-1900,” Carolyn Weber, the executive director for Deadwood History, Inc. shows people around in the Brothel museum on 610 Main Street in Deadwood. The museum gives guided tours inside an original brothel. The idea behind this project is to let people gain a perspective on Deadwood’s history.

“Because the prostitution and the brothels in Deadwood was here for 104 years, it was a long part of our history 1876-1980 and it’s not been represented, and it had a big impact on the community,” Weber explains the concept of the museum.

Visitors must be 16 or older to enter, but over all, the museum is meant to be educational.

And although some may not find this subject uncomfortable, Weber says, “it is part of our history, we can’t just cherry pick what we want from our history.... And you know, if every Western novel, television show, and movie makes reference to prostitution and brothels, why can’t we do it where it actually happened.”

There are eight rooms in the museum, and each room represents a different time period, hoping to help transport the visitors to another era.

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