Outdoor seating gives customers a way to enjoy the weather and stay safe while at a restaurant

Outdoor seating allows customers a way to eat out and social distance.
Outdoor seating allows customers a way to eat out and social distance.(Miranda O'Bryan)
Published: Jul. 19, 2020 at 10:35 AM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - When visiting a restaurant the CDC recommends wearing a face covering when not eating, washing your hands properly, and social distancing when possible. One way people are enjoying their favorite restaurants while staying safe is to choose outdoor seating.

Employee's at Murphy's Pub and Grill are thankful to have an outdoor seating option for not only the heat but also the pandemic.

"We're not seeing any famine, it's all just feast. Everybody's coming and it seems like a lot of tourists and people, they want to be, they want to be normal again," said Jeremy Antes, Murphy's executive chef. "I think it helps us in terms of business aspect and we have a little bit more to offer people than other people, than other businesses without their patios or without the ability to be able to do that."

Murphy's outdoor seating fills up every night and customers are willing to wait an hour or more for the patio some nights.

"Regardless of the time, our patio is always the one to fill up first and it's constant and nonstop throughout the night," Ginne Bragg, Murphy's general manager. "We are able to seat the amount of tables as we had before because it is an outdoor establishment. The tables inside, we are still spaced out, we're not to full capacity inside, we keep tables that we're just not going to put out. People not only want to feel safe, they want to see safe."

Bragg said she thinks it's not just the heat that makes customers wait for outdoor seating, but also the pandemic.

"I definitely think it's a combination of the both, it's been, some of the tests and studies they've done have proven that the odds of getting it outside are diminished to pretty much very very low percentage rates as opposed to an indoor establishment," said Bragg.

Although their indoor seating is limited, Murphy’s is offering live entertainment on their patio to draw customers in. Or shall we say out?

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