Social with Siebold - Ever cut into a hyper-realistic illusion cake?

This week we run through toys that hurt millennials, pick on anti-maskers and end with a sweet treat!
Published: Jul. 17, 2020 at 11:09 AM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Buzz Feed posted 25 objects that millennials remember as being painful. but here’s a hint for millennials, they aren’t special. Many of these toys go back generations, sometimes centuries.

Darn toys! We run down a list of some of them

  1. Remember the excruciating pain when a bicycle pedal destroyed a shin. Of course, other parts of the bike were worse … getting a pants leg stuck in a chain.
  2. Slides go across many generations … probably even before the greatest generation kids got one heck of a burn going down a hot slide.
  3. Another cross-generation piece of school gym equipment is the dodge ball. Who hasn’t had their bells rung at least once? Some people still have PTSD from fifth grade … or so I’m told.
  4. Where’d that Lego go? The only place is your foot … every time! Another painful toy dating back to the World War II generation.
  5. Paper wads! Not sure but I bet these go back pre-Civil War. Every generation of kids wadded up the paper and tied a couple of rubber bands together. Today … kids can buy paper wad shooters … honest to God!
  6. Jacks! Parents have been stepping on these toys since the pre-war days … and when I say pre-war I mean the Trojan War. That’s how long a version of the game has been around.

Man up and mask up!

Remember when we willingly wore masks to scare the bejesus out of our kids, siblings and parents?

Now sometimes it was fun but really … scaring that toddler is kind of emotional child abuse, isn’t it?

I know that health experts have made some mistakes but I’m willing to take a shot at the mask. The CDC director claims we can control COVID-19 in six to eight weeks if everyone wears a mask.

What’s the big deal? Even the president is now donning a mask at times.

Here’s one idea … write in very small letters on the front of your white mask “If you can read this you are not social distancing.” OK, kind of lame but you catch my drift.

And if you have some style … you could probably really rock it.

As Marie Antoinette said … “Let them eat cake!”

When you see someone first cut into one of these you just might do a double-take.

Wait … wasn’t that a … no … a cake?

Edible art cakes have been with us for quite some time but some bakers do more than take it up a notch when they design cakes to look like real objects such as shoes … even a creepy arm.

Hyper-realistic Illusion Cakes are the latest crazy memes and some of the videos have upwards of 25 million views … that’s as crazy as the cakes are.

That spawned another viral video trend … people walking around their house touching things to make sure they weren’t cakes. Honestly, this pandemic stuff is getting to people.

People are also tweeting “I hugged my wife and found out she was a cake” and “I cut my leg shaving and discovered I was a cake.”

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