Could TikTok disappear from US screens?

What's so social about social media?
Published: Jul. 10, 2020 at 10:13 AM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - We always ask “What’s so social about social media?” And our answer almost always is ... quite a bit. This week we discuss the bizarre quirks foreigners say we have; toss in a little mindless and serious TikTok video, finishing up with something more than five million people just can’t get enough of ... a puppy pool party.


Americans are great. Right? I mean just ask one of us. We know. Don’t be surprised; but people in other countries can find some of what we do quite odd as this viral Buzz Feed post shows:

Many Americans don’t think they have an accent … it’s the other guy. Truth be told … we all have accents!

I’m not sure why people from other countries think it strange that we stop all traffic for school buses. Because we don’t want our kids as hood ornaments!

Full disclosure … I live in Europe and the Mideast for a decade. I too find it strange Americans want a full glass of ice with their small amount of soda. And I also agree with asking “What’s up with all this microwaving of water.” Get a kettle dang it!

None of us are full Americans … except maybe the ‘Merica guys. Foreigners find it odd we say we are Italian-American, African-American … and yet, we have this obsession with patriotism and wrapping ourselves in the American flag.

Why should people in other countries be so obsessed with our behavior that their complaints trend? Who knows.

Say “Goodbye” to the Okie Dokie Boomer Girl!

Can this be true? That this old baby boomer might actually outlive the Okie Dokie Boomer Girl on TikTok?

The Trump administration … .via the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo … hinted that the U.S. might ban TikTok.

Why pick on this insipid social media platform? Why deprive us of the Okie Dokie Boomer Girl?

Trade deal souring, the virus blame game and oh … yeah … TikTok has been a little naughty with the spying thing. But still … there are good things about TikTok … such as Bill Nye the Science Guy explaining why we need to wear masks.

 The Science Guy and Boomer Girl are two good reasons we need to keep the youthful social media site.

A Pup Pool Party

Can you honestly sit and watch three minutes of dogs in a pool? Well … more than five million people say “yep!” to watching this pack of pups fill a pool. And truth be told, I’ve watched it twice, a nice break from “What’s so social about social media!”

Of course … with the pandemic panic you could say “Bad Dogs!” to these pooches. Not one of them is wearing a mask … or making an attempt at social distancing.

They probably spent too much time watching the Okie Dokie Boomer Girl instead of paying attention to the mask lesson by Bill Nye the Science Guy.

By the way, did I tell you cats are jerks? The golden retrievers paid me for that plug.

You know … I’d hate to have to clean the pool’s filter after they’re done. Probably one big hair ball.

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