Updates on Nemo Road bridge collapse

Public information meeting to be held Thursday
Published: Jul. 8, 2020 at 5:41 PM MDT
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The bridge on Nemo Road near Pine Drive collapsed on July 1st, and that section of the road has been closed down since then.

“So far we’ve touched base with the contractor..., we’re probably looking at the end of the month to get those to us, and probably another month, month and a half, to get that bridge installed,” Joe Miller, the Highway Superintendent for Pennington County says. And right now, there is still part of that bridge in the creek. “We won’t get that out until the contractor goes to dissemble that bridge,” Miller says.

All the work that needs to be done brings along with it a question -- where will the funding come from to restore the bridge? Miller points out “we’ve been running about 2.4 million dollars short since 2015..., the Wheel Tax passing now is going to generate about 1.3 million dollars but the more important part is, we’re now eligible to the BIG funding.” Pennington County Commissioner Gary Drewes has also talked about wheel tax: “If you’re going to access the state’s local bridge improvement grant fund, which is called the BIG fund, that you have to have a wheel tax.” With wheel tax, the county will have both local and state funds for future repairs. But for now, a part of Nemo Road is closed for public safety. “The people that are right there did double their commute to Rapid City unfortunately,” Miller comments on the current road closure. There will be a public information meeting at Nemo Community Hall on Thursday at 5:30 PM to address this issue, and “lay out our plan for getting the bridge back, hopefully as soon as possible,” says Miller.

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