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South Daktoa 'compassionate parole' bill signed into law

South Dakota beefs up meth, opioid sentences

Ag group accepts challenge to raise millions for industry

South Dakota ranked one of the top most dependent states on gun industry in 2018

Girl who drowned in Sioux Falls river identified

No contest to DUI plea for South Dakota State football coach

South Dakota had a surge in deadly crashes at the end of last year

South Dakota files lawsuit against 3 opioid manufacturers

Father pleads guilty to leaving child outside overnight

Polaris releases South Dakota human trafficking case data for 2017

South Dakota to receive $27.5M in tobacco settlement

Elections office separates Krebs from US House race info

Independent redistricting initiative falls short

Rape and drug crimes up in South Dakota

Blaze sweeps through motel in Kadoka

South Dakota resolves battling ballot measures

Attendance up at Sioux Falls event center

Petitions for open primaries are rejected

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