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Perks of being a dog - front row seat at concerts

Nintendo to sell a super classic gaming system

Not Real News: A look at what didn't happen this week

Man wrangles deer inside Walmart

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Wanted woman arrested after Facebook Live post

Restaurant not allowing kids 5 and under

Magician juggles his way out of a traffic stop (WOW!)

Man shoots 8-point doe (YES, DOE-YES, 8 POINTS)

Man "pimps" his ride, covers it with 51K pennies

The Day It Rained Whale

Are South Dakotans happy?

Cops fail to catch biker in heels

Dumpster nap ends with trip to hospital

Wife hit with hammer for refusing chest tattoo

Man says he robbed bank to escape his wife

Talk to your dog? You might not be crazy

Willie Nelson Is Ready to Share His Pot with You

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