'Women in Science' conference @ SDSM&T inspires hundreds of female students

From bat calls...to fossils... to organs...
Hundreds of girls got the chance to participate in interactive demonstrations during a learning workshop and conference geared towards careers in the STEM industries.
Amy DiRienzo says, "The number of women in science is still extremely low, less than 25 percent of STEM students are women and even less than that continue on into science careers."
DiRienzo has been involved with the 'Women in Science' conference for three years. The event is sponsored by Youth in Science Rapid City and SD Mines Women in Science and Engineering.
Students got to learn about several different careers, from being a doctors to a forensic scientist.
Nancy says, ""I think it's really cool, I was kind of expecting it to be boring a little bit but it's actually been really fun."
DiRienzo says, "I think that a lot of our girls are surprised that their interests could apply to science careers."
The conference featured 40 different female speakers and an exhibit hall with 31 different companies, offering hands-on activities for the girls.
Lynch says, "When I was growing up I didn't know that there was a field and degree that I could go into for wildlife management, and it was only until I was about 26 that I discovered this degree, and it found my passion and I'm hoping girls will be able to find that same passion."
The event was all about making girls aware of the opportunities with STEM careers.
DiRienzo says "I decided that I was going to be an engineer at a young age, in elementary school I listened to a presentation from a female engineer and I knew right away that that was exactly what I wanted to do."
So they can be inspired to find their own interests in a male-dominated industry.