Rapid City natives make it back to town to recruit

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In hopes of bringing opportunities from the east coast to the Rushmore state, two Rapid City natives came back to town to share what they've done the past few years.

The two Stevens High School grads went on to attend the United States Naval Academy in Maryland. The duo was recruiting students earlier this week at Douglas and Central High School and say once students learn about the school, the interest is very much there.

Caleb Kadrmas says, "I didn't know about this from anybody when I was going through high school, I kind of stumbled across it so I wanted to be able to some home and let people know what's available. - We've has a lot of students come up to us and kind of ask about the information we have provided them and we have a lot of people who've shown interested so hopefully that'll turn into something."

Kadrmas says students who would like more information about the school can access it on the U-S Naval Academy Facebook page.