Enrollment looks to be up at SD School of Mines

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Students are back in the classrooms on the School of Mines campus, and enrollment looks like it is up for the second year in a row.

Mines President Doctor Heather Wilson says the school set a goal to increase enrollment to three-thousand undergrad students.
Wilson says the school's reputation is growing, and this year the university saw an increase in international applications.
Wilson says Mines may be a smaller school, but they are more focused on their students.

Wilson says, "The students who go to bigger schools, perhaps well known schools or even Ivy League schools, their graduate students are getting a lot of attention, but their freshmen and sophomores are in classes with 300 students. We don't even have a classroom that can hold 300 students. We're much more hands on, much more focused on excellence in teaching and the success of our students."

Wilson says they have worked hard to recruit more students to the School of Mines.
The official head count for students will be tallied by the tenth day of classes and made public by the Board of Regents several weeks later.