Emerging artists showcase work at 3rd Annual Native Arts Gathering

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Rapid City, (KEVN-TV) Every year it seems that the community of Rapid City becomes more involved in the arts.
And that held true Saturday at the 3rd annual Gathering of People, Wind and Water art market and cultural celebration.

The Native Arts Gathering is all about showcasing the work of emerging artists in the Great Plains area.

Jennifer White, Arikara Modern Artist said, "Well, the gathering is a group of artists that have gotten together, we started off with 10 and now we're at 50 and it's beautiful and it's all the way around the square which is absolutely amazing considering that this is only the third year."

White has been part of the Native Art Gathering since the beginning.
It was only five years ago that she began creating pieces professionally.
White couldn't ask for more when it comes to being able to express herself through her work while getting to share it with the public.

White said, "It feels good as an artist to be able to relay how you are feeling during that piece and have other people feel that emotion as well, and it opens up a dialogue where you're just people from that moment on, it's beautiful."

With over fifty artists at this years gathering, there was plenty to see.
Everything from contemporary to traditional pieces were scattered around Main Street Square.

White said, "When we get to display, all of us together, it's such a neat experience for the viewer and the artist because it's an opportunity to learn about each other."

The gathering took place Saturday from 10a.m. to 8p.m. and White said she saw an increase in people attending this year.
Something that she and all of the other emerging artists, were pleased to see.

White said, "To see the community of Rapid City really get behind native art, really is amazing and seeing that synergy amongst cultures is what the state of South Dakota needs."