Along the Way with Steve Long

Along The Way

Transgender woman finds happiness: Along the Way

'Airman of the Year' blazing her own trail: Along the Way

Kindred Crates :"Along the Way"

Passionate about Main Street Square: 'Along the Way'

Small Town, Big Clicks : "Along the Way"

Balloon artist on a mission : "Along the Way"

Artist creates work with a message: 'Along the Way'

Training race horses for a new career: "Along the Way"

Nearly 70 years playing piano in the same church: Along the Way

Along the Way: War torn past--peaceful present

Buffalo Ranch in Stoneville, SD: "Along the Way"

At 84 MADD's Lila Doud to retire after 33 years: "Along the Way"

Original World's Fastest Hand Clapper : "Along the Way"

Inside 1 of America's biggest wool warehouses: "Along the Way"

4th Grader sells handmade clay figures to help buy viola : "Along the Way"

Oglala woman to compete in "Miss Indian World Pageant" :Along the Way

Dazzling Noctography (Nighttime Photos) : "ALong the Way"

Hobby gone wild: "Along the Way"

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