Stevens beats Lincoln in West River competition

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Off to O'Harra is what we were thinkin'
Where Stevens saw action against Sioux Falls Lincoln.

1st quarter of play, Lincoln on offense,
Terel Eisenbraun sees teammate Nolan Ransom's presence.
He fires to side, but Ransom loses his grip,
Brian Petereit recovers on the ball that was stripped.

Off we go to the next Lincoln possession,
The snap soars over the Q-B, they must have been pressin'.
Eisenbraun pounces to keep it for his team,
But the play results in a loss of 19.

Lincoln facing 3rd and 29 if you're keeping a tally,
But Eisenbraun hits his wide open receiver Zane Salley.
Salley flies down the field on a 48 yard strike
He could have kept running long into the night.

The Raiders will counter on a short yardage down,
Jaden Julius on the call refuses to go to the ground,
He battles and battles without so much as a sound,
Until he crosses the line and the refs yell touchdown.

Stevens gets the win, as you'll have seen,
Topping the Patriots by a score of 16.