St. Thomas More beat the Bison by 30

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Kicking us over to Saint Thomas More
Hosting Hot Springs, who was looking for scores.

The Cavaliers pushing, but losing a grip,
Jake Larson with the call, but nearly gets stripped,
Hangs on to the rock but loses five yards,
Hot Springs Klub Wilson showing he's who's in charge.

Cavaliers back to work and doing their part,
Til Ryder Kirsch gets picked off by a cagey Bison named Thane Lockhart.
He gets the pick with a thanks for the gift,
Onto the offense the Bison will shift.

Lockhart's leads to one more big catch.
Morgan Harkless to Lockhart playing some fetch.
Lockhart and company threatening deep in the red zone,
But STM's defense had plans of its own.

Harkless loses the snap of the bat,
And the Cavalier defense goes on the attack.
STM dives on the ball that was bumbled,
And the Cavs will recover the big Bison fumble.

The Cavaliers win it without playing dirty,
37 to 7 STM wins it by 30.