Lady Raiders roll over rival Cobblers

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Ten and eight games into the high school volleyball season, respectively, neither Central nor Stevens have had a home contest.
That changed, for the Lady Raiders, at least, when the Cobblers came 'a' calling.
Off to Carold Heier Gym, Stevens taking control, winning the first set.
2nd set of play, the Cobblers setting it up for Maria DiGiacomo, but 6-2 junior Phebie Rossi gets a big paw on it for the block.
Cobblers undaunted, feed Clair Kurtz who goes right between the blockers for the Central point.
More from Central, Sam Seljeskog rips it into the far corner, no chance for the Raiders on that one.
Central feeling its momentum, turns to Adi Young to pound it off the block and down for another Cobblers point.
But the Raiders would put a stop that runaway train, Marlee Schneider with a terrific dump over, catching the Cobblers flat-footed.
Raiders roll. Final Score 3 to 0.