Douglas nixed Spearfish, 20 to 6

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October's arrived and the possible snow
Now it's time for a unique type of sports show
I'm Jamie Zepp with one half of this bunch
And Taylor Kauffman finishes the one-two punch.

We're five months away from the birth-date of the king
A man whose name bears a recognizable ring
So we thought we'd bring you this week's touchdowns and hits
In a Doctor Seuss styling of the Friday Night Blitz.

We start in Spearfish and the Northern-type Hills,
Where Douglas and Spearfish provided football-type thrills.

The first play of the second half coming out for the drive,
Trevor Severson announcing that he has arrived.
90 yards is how far this one will get on the ground,
Severson silencing Spearfish's crowd.

Douglas again and a huge hole in front,
as Sheldon Wagner takes the ball with a big Douglas grunt,
Saw plenty of daylight to finish this thing,
but Spearfish trips him up by a shoe string.

Spearfish goes to work trying get their team unstuck,
Jacob Johnson comes in like a Mack truck,
He'll pick up ten before the refs make it stop,
But at this point Douglas was still on top.

Spearfish's hopes are quickly nixed
As Douglas wins this one 20 to 6.