Custer hosts Red Cloud in Friday night action

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Now down to Custer for all of you haters,
Where the Wildcats squared off against the Red Cloud Crusaders.

In the 2nd quarter, Red Cloud with the lead.
But here's Dathon Elmore with a trick up his sleeve.
He hands off to Micaiah Grace, who takes off in full stride.
Picking up 16, pushing Red Cloud's defense off to the side.

Custer is here in position to score,
what to expect from Dathon Elmore?
The hand-off goes to senior Blake Kainz
He runs it in for 6, using his brawn and his brains

On the 1st down and 10, the Crusaders at it again.
Red Cloud's Sam Warrior he's not a sleeper
he takes it 11 yards on the quarterback keeper.

It's 4th down with a few yards to go,
but the Crusaders picked up a touchdown, after a little pitch-throw.
Alejandro Rama to Warrior, and he's running free.
Into the end zone, happy as can be.
We're still waiting on a final score though, who knows it, not me?