Winter weather moves into Black Hills to end the week

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The snow has been falling and the temperatures have been dropping.
Good evening, I'm Jack Caudill.

And I'm Peggy Vidal. The snow has resulted in travel issues throughout the Black Hills, and the coolest temperatures in quite some time are expected for Saturday.

Jon Wilson is standing by live downtown. Lets go to him now for the latest on the winter weather. Hey Jon.

Hey Peggy. The snow got going early this morning and has continued throughout the day causing issues for travelers and pedestrians alike.
While the snow may be winding down, the bitter cold is here for at least one more day.

In fact, Saturday could be the coldest day in nearly three years. Many of us will still have to be out in the elements despite the temperatures. I spoke with an Emergency Room Doctor on how to stay safe if you have to be in the wrath of the cold.

Emergency Medicine Physician Dr. Steve Miller says, "First of all, we would recommend that if you don't have to be outside that you stay home, you stay inside where it's warm. If you do have to be outside with work or with travel, then proper winter weather clothing that you have as best you can bundle up would be best. Try not to leave any exposed skin, as best you can."

Many of us will be clearing out the snow in the morning. Dr. Miller told me that he routinely gets patients in with hand injuries from cleaning out jammed snowblowers after snowstorms, so be careful there. Also, the roads are in very poor condition, travel is not advised in the northern hills. Leave extra distance between you and the vehicle ahead. With wind chills plunging as far as forty below zero by tomorrow morning, frostbite can occur in around ten minutes.