What Labor Day means to you

Whether it is spending time with friends or family, or being off of school and work, here's what people had to say ...

"I just like having an extra day off, take my new puppy out for a walk. It's gorgeous out. It's not too hot or too cold."

"Not being at work or stressing about anything. Spend time with the kids is what it's all about, take the time to enjoy end of the summer."

"Not having any school ... No school! No School!

"No work and no school!"

"I have to agree with that one. It's just enjoyable not to have to go to school on the holiday, take time to relax."

"Spend some time with my grandson, get him outside to enjoy some fishing with his uncle. Just a good day to be outside. It's nice and cool out here today."

"It's that we have a day off and my son was able to make it in from Larame Wyoming and we've just enjoyed some time together."

and because of the fall-like weather, everyone says that Labor Day truly felt like the end of the summer.