Tourist attractions gear up for tourism season

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The warmer temperatures may have you ready for spring and you're not alone.
Several tourist attractions are blowing off the dust, getting their spring cleaning done early to prepare for the crowds once they open their doors.

Turkeys and chickens may be the only animals you see at Old MacDonald's Farm right now, but in a few short months the popular tourist attraction will be full of farm animals and people.
Although there are still a few months before they open, the hard work starts now.

Thane Rose says, "There's always tons of painting to do. We have to hook up the water again, I'll have to shave and cut my hair."

But that's not all, Rose says they'll also have to bring back the popular farm animals to their pens.

Rose says, "In the off seasons, they're at small other farms around the area or at my house at home."

Over at Reptile Gardens, employees are working hard to make sure all of their winter projects are done before opening day, which is less than a month away.

David Yahne says, "So we make sure every single one of our animal displays are different, we make sure that the Safari Room here is completely revamped. We bring in new plants, we cut out old plants and then we also have odd end projects out on the grounds that we do every single year. This year the Gator Arena is being completely redone."

Tessa Thomas says, "You may think all of the animals here may go somewhere warmer for the winter, but in fact they all stay right here."

Yahne says, "We keep the environments that they're in, what they need to be throughout the winter months too, so for instance, the tortoises, they have their own building that they go in, in the winter, that's kept at a balmy 80 degrees all year long and the same thing goes with any of the other animals. The crocodiles that are in our arena have a winter area that they stay in and everything stays here, we don't get rid of anything."

And both places are looking to hire for the season.