Tips on how to cut your energy bills in the winter months

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Rapid City, SD Tuesday is National Cut Your Energy Cost day and Black Hills Energy says saving money can be as simple as turning down the thermostat.

Keith Gade, Black Hills Energy energy services advisor says, "A lot of times it's just a matter of sealing up your house keeping the cold out in the warmer out in the summer so by slowing down that process of how that comes into the house that's going to help reduce your electric bill and your gas bill."

During the cold winter months energy consumption increases as we turn up the thermostat and cozy up to the heaters.

Black Hills Energy has several suggestions for their customers to be as energy efficient as possible, especially during the winter months.

Gade says, "We should talk about things like caulking, just regular caulking tubes around the windows, your door seals, so forth just to make sure that that's tight and to stop that infiltration."

With proper installation you can save 30% on you energy bill and window film can also keep the cold from leaking inside.

Gade says, "It is very simple to install all you really need for this one as hairdryers and some scissors."

Another helpful tip is simply turning the thermostat down when you don't need the heat.

Gade says, "Setback thermostats you are kind of a nice item to use to if you're gone during the day quite a bit working or if you would like to set your temperature back at night just maybe help you sleep a little better."

And about 45% of your energy consumption come from your furnace so keeping that in working order can save a bundle.

Gade says, "The filter is a big thing checked out at least every 30 days if you're not changing it every 30 days at least take a look at it and see if it needs to be changed these are inexpensive projects and really helps keep the heater efficient."

Pinching pennies on energy use can also earn you some extra cash with rebates from Black Hills Energy.

Gade says "Black Hills Energy offer rebates to help customers use energy wisely with their appliances so when they fail and try to upgrade we want to give them a little bit of a of a chance to recover some dollars to make that energy Improvement."