Tips on dressing warm with cold temps

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Rapid City, SD Another local business is helping you dress the best for today's low temperatures.

Roamin' Around has you covered with gear from head to toe to help you brave the cold.

Experts say layers are key to keeping warm - with base layers becoming popular.

Then bundle up with a wind breaker, thermal outerwear - preferably down, and an outer shell.

These coats average from about $60 dollars - to a couple hundred on the higher end.

For your hands, mittens generally keep you warmer.

And top it off with wool socks, hats and hand warmers.

Managers here say cutting down the wind will help the most.

And the low temps are bringing high sales to this business.

Jon Machacek, a manager at Roamin' Around, said "Two, three wekks ago, we didn't have much for stocking hat sales and coat sales and that kind of stuff. And once this cold snap hit - we did see an uptick in stocking hat sales and that kind of stuff. Plus it's Christmas season, so people are out buying holiday gifts and it's an easy gift. A stocking hat or a pair of nice wool socks."

Most gear is made from wool and synthetics - which is better at absorbing moisture than cotton.