Thune supports internet privacy repeal bill

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On Monday President Trump signed a resolution that tosses out internet privacy protections passed under his predecessor.

The resolution repeals the rules adopted in the final days of the Obama Administration.
The rules would have required internet service providers to get your permission before sharing your information, such as websites you visit, apps you use and your location.
Senator John Thune supported the resolution, saying nothing is being taken away from people, because it was a proposal that created two standards,one for online companies and one for internet service providers.
That's why he says the best way to deal with the privacy issue is to have one consistent standard that applies to everyone on the web.

Senator John Thune says, "We all believe that people have a right, that privacy needs to be protected when they use the internet, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do that and what the FCC had proposed to do, we think was headed in the wrong direction. The new FCC working with the FTC will take us, in what we think, is the right direction."

Thune says now there will be one consistent policy that will not only make things more clear, but also protect consumers.