The Journey Museum hosts talk on the Battle of Little Big Horn

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Rapid City, SD Saturday marks the anniversary of one of the most significant battles in Native American History and one local historian spoke at the Journey Museum to tell his ancestor's story.

The Battle of Greasy Grass or better known as the Battle of the Little Big Horn happened 141 years ago today.

Donvin Sprague's great great grandfather Hump fought alongside Crazy Horse in this infamous victory.

Saturday folks at the Journey got to hear about the events leading up to the battle and experience a different side of the story.

Donovin Sprague, university instructor, author, and historian says,"It's a difference from historical tours and information that's provided when you get from a regular tour guide. In this case Little Bighorn Battle Field, you often get a Crow guide which was with Custer, and so we are the real victors of that and the people who have the stories to tell from our families of what really happened."

Many tribal agencies with honor this holiday on Monday and will be closed.