Tensions rise during alleged anti-Muslim event

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Rapid City, SD Several different organizations gathered at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Thursday evening during an event titled "Understanding the Threat: Strategic and operational training and consulting on the threat of the global Islamic Movement."

Indivisible Rapid City gathered on one side of New York and 5th Street to protests an event they deemed anti-Muslim.

On the opposite side stood supporters of the event which was sponsored by the Pennington County Republicans, Family Heritage Alliance, and the Rapid City Chapter of Act for America.

The event promoted speakers who claimed to be undercover agents for the United States and had experience with Islamic extremists.

Indivisible Rapid City represents many minority groups and wanted to show their support for the Muslim community.

Lori Miller, founding member of Indivisible Rapid City says, "Our goal is first of all to show love and support for our Muslim communities so that they understand that not all of Rapid City believes the way these groups are propagating information and we also want to show the groups that are here that we are aware of what they are doing and that there are people in Rapid City who do not appreciate this kind of thing."

The organizers of the Understanding the Threat event declined an interview and issued a statement saying " The Rapid City Chapter of Act for America has decided to keep the Understanding the Threat event private due to previous mischaracterization and inaccurate reporting by members of the media who have attended previous events."