Staying safe this 'White Christmas'

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KEVN-TV It's looking like a White Christmas for much of the Black Hills. But this storm may not be very friendly to travelers this holiday weekend.

Officials want you to take the right precautions and keep yourself safe.
We could see a few inches of snow, but the real danger comes from the 60 to 70 miles per hour winds predicted.

Susan Sanders says, "Under those circumstances, people should absolutely not travel. Do your traveling either the rest of today or tomorrow. Plan on staying put until Sunday."
Mark Enright says, "With winds that strong, there is a possibility of power outages. It's a good idea to have three days of food and water for everyone in the house, at minimum. Sometimes it takes that long for them to get power restarted."

If you venture outside anytime on Sunday, be sure to layer up. While it may not make you invincible, it could help to have emergency car kits on hand and remember to stay in your car if you get stuck.