Spearfish adds a new jewel to its downtown streets

Lots of folks gathered around the clock tower in Downtown Spearfish today all to welcome a new jewel to the community.

Fascinated by the new art piece unveiled in their community today, the people of Spearfish had nothing but nice things to say about the colorful termesphere and the hands behind it.

Kay Jorgensen says, "Extraordinary, grateful to Dick, grateful to the city and to the developers who first put the funding in place."

Kaiser says, "Dick is a great artist and um ... my family knows him personally and so this is really cool what he was able to do here today and add to the City of Spearfish."

The new termesphere is mounted on top of the 12-foot clock tower located on the northwest corner of Main and Hudson streets in Downtown Spearfish. It features a series of stairways that lead to places in the area with a design that leaves the community with things to think about and also something to do.

Cheryl Johnson says, "The project was just fascinating to start. We started working with some pencil sketchings after Dick and I first talked and we talked about having a gear driven instead of a motor driven because most of his other pieces are motor driven."

With a 50,000 budget, the city was able to create a gear driven object that allows people to steer and become more hands on. Dick says that he wanted people to think when they see the termesphere, to explore and find the hidden images he created throughout. Well received by the mayor, his friends and family, Dick Termes was proud to announce that the idea behind this project was something near and dear to his heart.

Dick Termes says, "the basic idea is that your hometown like I grew up here, I mean this is very much home, I've been away teaching away from here and going to school in L.A. and stuff so I've been away alot but Spearfish is always there for me."

Hopeful that his unique designs will draw people in whether they're walking, driving, or bicycling, the artist was elated to leave Spearfish such a wonderful gift.